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Keep Your Water Softener Healthy

Hardness: The hardness of your water is usually measured in grains per gallon, and you can find out the hardness level of your water by contacting your municipality or by buying a home test kit. grain capacity: Each softener has a grain capacity, which is the maximum number of grains of water hardness it can remove before regeneration.

It also features an anti-memory loss backup capacitor. This feature is designed to keep the meter on your water softener on even if you lose power. It can work for up to 48 hours, which prevents users from losing their settings or missing a regeneration cycle. Product Specifications

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Is Drinking Soft Water Safe?If your water contains iron, pour resin bed cleaner into the brine tank tube once or twice per year. Without cleaning, your softener will eventually lose its ability to remove iron. Just pick up some resin bed cleaner at a water softener dealer and follow the simple directions. For more tips on cleaning your water softener …

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