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Toilet Shopping Tips

Sick of your old, leaky, water hog of a toilet and want to buy a new one? You’ll find water-efficient toilets with an array of options. Our friends at Maximum Performance (MaP) Testing make a living putting toilets through their paces and offered these tips for the next time you go toilet shopping.

What Is A Zip-it Drain Cleaning Tool And Why Do You Need One? Zip-It. Zip It Drain Tool: Drain Unclogger Tool. This thin piece of flexible plastic with tiny barbs up and down the sides costs around $5 and can save you hundreds in service calls for clogged drains. Several companies make a similar tool and you’ll see it called a hair snare, a drain cleaning tool, a
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Toilet Buying Guide | The Home DepotShopping for a toilet is more complex than people think. You’ll buy the right toilet when armed with valuable information and shopping tips from Ferguson.

When shopping for a toilet, you should narrow down to a model that has a limited time warranty. Such packages offer a form of security when the toilet fails to meet your expectations. If the toilet malfunctions within the validity period of the warranty, you are allowed to return it to the dealer and get a replacement for free. In fact …

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16/04/2013  · Before you shop for a new or replacement toilet, check out the latest information to help you navigate new features including, water saving models, flush power, efficiency, and cosmetic improvements.